CNC Multi-Spindle Machining

Dedication to creating high-quality, precision parts fast, means using superior technology. Mitotec Precision is proud to offer the advanced productivity of the Tornos MultiSwiss 8×26.

The Tornos MultiSwiss offers:

Increased Output of More Complex Parts:

  • Up to five times faster than conventional single-spindle CNC machines
  • Improved levels of productivity reduce labor and machine costs for the customer
  • Eight full C-Axis synchronous spindles provide unmatched performance and stringent quality
  • Preset tooling systems get to first off production faster
  • Maintains a constant core temperature to control & reduce variation and hold tighter part tolerances

With the Tornos MultiSwiss 8×26, Mitotec Precision has the CNC multi-spindle machining capabilities to produce higher yields, while saving you money in today’s fast-paced markets.

Let Mitotec Precision assist you with your mission-critical machined parts today!

Mitotec Precision Multi-Swiss Parts

Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Communication, Construction, Dairy, Electrical, Electronics, Energy, Firearm, HVAC systems, Hydraulics, Injection Molding, Instruments, Marine, Medical, Military/Defense, Government Contracts, Packaging, Railway, Refrigeration, Robotics, Satellite and Transportation.

Appliances, Archery, Controls, Door & Window Hardware, Fiber Optic, Fluid Power Systems, Furniture/Office Equipment, Instrumentation Components, Lawn & Garden, Machinery, Molded Inserts, Motion & Control Systems, Musical Instruments, Pumps, Recreational Products, Semi-Conductor and Valves.

Adapters, Axles, Blocks, Bolts, Bosses, Bushings, Cages, Clamps, Collars, Couplings, Dowels, Electronic Connectors, Fasteners, Fittings, Gears, Hardware, Housings, Hubs, Inserts, Knobs, Manifolds, Mounting Plates, Nozzles, Nuts, Pistons, Plugs, Plungers, Pulleys, Retainers, Rifle Firing Pins/Cam Pins, Rings, Rods, Screws, Shafts, Sleeves, Spacers, Spools, Standoffs, Studs, Washers and Wheels.

Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Plastics, Monel and Titanium.

Anodizing, Brazing, Plating, Burnishing, Passivation, Grinding, Knurling, Heat Treatment, Stampings, Bending, Fabrication and Mechanical Assembly.

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas and California. We also service international markets including Mexico and Canada.

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