Mitotec Precision, located in Necedah, central Wisconsin, is a nationally recognized supplier of precision turned components, serving a wide range of industries and OEM markets across the country. Founded in 1963, Mitotec is a multi-generation family-owned business. It was initially called Necedah Screw Machine Products. The name change took place in 2018 to adapt to the newer technology and to let customers know that they had become a CNC Swiss shop. The name change and new direction also helped them recruit young talent.
A third-generation, Owner and President, John Belmonte, held many positions at the company over the years. He started on the shop floor, which, at the time, mainly featured Brown & Sharpe screw machines. John learned estimating from his grandfather, eventually gravitating toward screw machine engineering.
Mitotec continued to grow and invest in new technology. The next purchase was Miyano CNC lathes and Swiss machines, starting with Tornos DECOs. They produced parts for the medical industry, electrical components, and firearm components.
“One of the parts we made was a medical part that goes into a system to inoculate people in Africa without using a needle. We make parts that matter,” said Owner John Belmonte. He continued, “It’s good for the team to know they are making parts that make life better for people; this knowledge helps us work together to achieve high-quality parts for our customers. We take pride in being exceedingly adaptable and expert craftsmen, with diverse CNC capabilities and quality systems to take on the most complex parts requiring tight tolerances.”
Always moving forward and looking for advanced technology, John reached out to Shane Jacobson, an engineer at Eurotech Elite. “I had worked at Mitotec for seven years; Mitotec was in my hometown, so I was glad to hear from John. Mitotec was having problems machining an ID dimension, and John wanted to know what options he had and what it would take to take the next step into high productivity models.
When John took a new project for a gun silencer part, he once again reached out to Eurotech via their local distributor QMS (Quality Machinery Systems in IL).
“The Eurotech Trofeo would take Mitotec to the most advanced level of manufacturing,” said Matt Woodcock, Owner of QMS. He continued, “This machine is a double spindle and double turret turn/mill center featuring 2 Y-axes and ClearShift sub-spindle. The ClearShift is a game-changer; it features a programmable 2-axis (longitudinal and transversal) offset from the main spindle, eliminating interference problems between the two turrets and improving cycle times. This feature also gives them safer, simpler, and faster set-up times.”
John decided to invest in Eurotech’s high productivity Trofeo machines — two of them. “Eurotech is a great fit for Mitotec,” said Shane Jacobson, “not only because of their commitment to best-in-class technology but also because of their core values. Mitotec’s core values are creativity, drive, adaptability, reliability, and thoroughness. The Eurotech team and advanced technology align with these values and will increase their productivity.”
“It is usually necessary for us to train our own employees because it is hard to find good people already experienced in machining,” shared John.

People in our area of central Wisconsin generally have a good work ethic. Mitotec tries to get the interest of young people in our area by going into middle schools and high schools to expose them to opportunities to work in manufacturing that uses modern technology. Having state-of-the-art technology is a big draw to young people and Eurotech’s lifetime training program and engineering support are invaluable support tools for us.”
Working at Mitotec provides more than just a rewarding career with a forward-thinking company; it creates opportunities to make precision machined parts that matter, the elements that help protect our country, save lives, and so much more.
“I had not been back to Mitotec for some time, so I was pretty excited since Mitotec was my introduction into the wonderful world of machining. It all started right there! It was great to be going back and helping with their new high productivity machine set-up. They were getting the Eurotech Trofeo, and with it, they had a Jetstream HP unit and 3Nine mist extractor. It was a sort of “circle back” moment for me to go back in, over 20 years later, and install our finest lathe,” said Shane Jacobson, Eurotech’s Service Engineer.
Scot Kintz, Eurotech’s Training Engineer, worked with the Mitotec team for their first week. “The training went well. We worked hand-in-hand, from installing tooling to setting tools. We wrote the program together for their first part and ran it thru and dialed it all in,” said Scot.
“Once we had the first machine in production, the cycle time savings was substantial,” said John Belmonte. “We had been producing firearms suppressor parts, 2 ⅝” long, with 1 ½” titanium tubing on our triple turret Miyano with a cycle time of 7 min and 20 sec. The Eurotech Trofeo produced the same part with the same feed and speeds in 3 min and 45 sec. That’s a dramatic cycle time savings of 49%!
“After we installed the first two Trofeos, we found that we still needed more capacity. Due to our experience with the first two machines, it was easy to purchase a third ‘just like that.’ We had our third Eurotech machine installed in September, and we couldn’t be happier,” said Clinton Pouillie, General Manager of Mitotec Precision.
Clinton continued, “Our machinists love running the machines. They comment that they are easy to work on even with the main, high-end features. The Eurotech’s are very ridged machines which are important for us. We’ve done milling on machines in the past where the turret and the milling heads were the weak links. That’s not the case with these. The Eurotech machines are solid. We program our milling operation almost at the same parameters as if the process was in a horizontal mill.”
Mitotec Precision supports the medical market with several mission-critical precision machined parts. The part pictured above is the housing for an assembly of a “Portable” delivery system for inhaled Nitric Oxide. This system offers treatment for our most precious: premature babies. This product comprises 11 different parts and converts gas into Nitrogen Oxide to help with their lung development. It is also used for COPD and in treatments for COVID19!

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