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October 10, 2019 – Mitotec Precision, Necedah, Wisconsin, is stepping into the future with the addition of the Tornos MultiSwiss to the company’s floor. The new machine is on the cutting-edge of technology, with less than 20 machines currently in operation in the United States. Mitotec is the only contract shop to own the MultiSwiss 8×26 in Wisconsin. The Tornos MultiSwiss machine is a full CNC eight-spindle lathe capable of producing up to five times the output of existing CNC single-spindle multi-axis swiss lathes.

“The Tornos MultiSwiss will greatly increase our company’s growth trajectory by offering many of our customers the benefits of increased output, shorter lead-times and reduced cost,” said Mitotec Precision President, John Belmonte.

The new addition represents a total investment of over $1 million and occupies about one-and-a-half times the space of a single-spindle CNC swiss. The Tornos MultiSwiss saves space and overcomes slightly higher operating costs with its higher production yields and increased throughput. It also reduces the need for production staffing, answering the question to the growing shortage of workers.

Training for the new Tornos MultiSwiss is similar to other CNC machines already in operation. The programming, operations and maintenance staff at Mitotec all completed training in-house and at Tornos’s U.S.-based facility in Des Plaines, Illinois to learn how to use the new machine’s wide range of abilities.

“It is a full CNC eight-spindle machine with the capability to be programmed and operated with a great deal of operational flexibility and capability,” said Belmonte.  “We have equipped it with a full complement of preset tooling options that will greatly reduce the required changeover time from part to part.”

The growing demand for reduced lead-times and lower costs among customers created the need to add the Tornos MultiSwiss to the floor. Mitotec sees the addition as another way the company looks to the future to offer advanced technology and plans to continue to add more to its lineup soon. Current reshoring activities in the U.S. has also increased demand for this technology, helping Mitotec provide globally cost-competitive machined solutions.

“The Mitotec advantage continues to grow with the addition of the advanced technology and enhanced capabilities of the Tornos MultiSwiss,” said Belmonte. “We invite our customers, old and new, to learn how this state-of-the-art technology can make a difference for them.”

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