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Hello, I’m Joe Greenberg and I’m the digital marketing specialist at Mitotec Precision in Necedah, WI. My background consists of a wealth of knowledge in a variety of manufacturing and production settings, degrees in both marketing & videography, and a passion for learning & creating.

I’ve been in my seat here for a couple months now and so far, I’ve done a lot of social media, snapped (quite) a few pictures, worked on my graphic design chops, and got to learn something new every day. It’s quickly grown into one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.

Day one I was introduced to Mitotec’s core values and, as you’ll come to learn, I’ve had several jobs in the past and just about every one of them has had a set of core values. None of which were super impressive and/or genuine.

For core values to work they must be genuine, at times painful, and brutally honest with not just others, but yourself as well. They can’t be a goal or an aspiration either. They’re deeply ingrained principles that guide all the company’s and employee’s actions. They are the foundation in which culture is formed and they cannot be compromised for short-term economic or social gain.

In short, they must be maintained at all costs.

I’ve had quite a few jobs, which I’ll be referring to from time to time, and when you start at a new place everyone comes up to you and says, “Let me know if you need anything,” but most of the time they aren’t being sincere. If I’m being honest, the folks at Mitotec say that quite a bit but I get the feeling that they mean it here, in fact, several of them have already proven it to me. That’s the culture at Mitotec Precision.

The Websters Dictionary definition of culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. Mitotec Precision’s culture is driven by five core values. Those core values are Adaptable, Creative, Driven, Reliable, and Through. Let’s take a minute and break those down, shall we?


When I hear the word adaptable, I instantly think of another word: pivot. When I, or anyone else at Mitotec for that matter, get a new project there’s an incredible amount of pivoting that takes place to turn that new project into a reality. Frankly, with some projects it looks more like dancing than pivoting.

In addition to pivoting, being open to new ideas and embracing change are important factors to consider when defining this core value.


Creativity and Adaptability go hand in hand. I define creativity as using your resources to take two separate ideas or concepts and putting them together to create something innovative. Marketing is highly creative but so is engineering, just in a different way. I have to be creative in a social or artistic sense whereas engineers’ creativity is more mechanical, or technology based. To be creative is to find a solution that nobody else can see.


Determined. Motivated. Focused. Relentless. Ambitious. A desire to exceed the status quo with a sense of urgency in the pursuit of excellence but more importantly, to finish what you started.


Far more than just showing up to work. When I say I’m going to do something, I do it. Period. For a machine or a company to move smoothly all the parts or people must work together otherwise it doesn’t work properly both in a metaphorical and literal sense. Everybody must be held accountable and pull their own weight.


Big projects or little things, we’ll work with you, do research, and ask the right questions so that when we hand something off it’s not only done but it’s exactly what you wanted.

That’s the impression I get about Mitotec’s core values. They are the pillars, they are the foundation of our culture, and they are ingrained in everything that we do. I’ll leave you with that for now, this is Joe Greenberg from Mitotec Precision signing off. People Powering Precision.

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