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One of the organizations Mitotec Precision has been involved in for a number of years is TUMMA. Abbreviated for The Upper Mississippi Manufacturing Alliance, TUMMA is an alliance of manufacturers in the Upper Mississippi River Region of West Central Wisconsin, SE Minnesota and NE Iowa.

A few of their main objectives are to promote diverse manufacturing careers, foster collaborative efforts for manufacturers’ health, enhance manufacturing workforce development, support the Seven Rivers Regional Career Pathway and strengthen partnerships between manufacturing and education/media.

TUMMA covers the greater Lacrosse tri-state as well as regions in Minnesota and Iowa region. The majority of TUMMA work is done throughout west central Wisconsin.

Mitotec Precision has been a part of the organization for several years. Our company has worked hard to foster K-12 relationships between local manufacturers and the area school programs through the “K-12 task force”

John Belmonte, one of the owners of Mitotec Precision, is also the current chairman of the K-12 task force.  He guides the conversation to meet the goals of connecting with schools and local manufacturers. He has orchestrated several activities around that mission. TUMMA has hosted school night tours and programs where they visit area schools. Monthly meetings are held on the task force and invites are extended to administrators and educators to keep them involved. They strive to learn what’s happening in schools as well as other manufacturers. TUMMA tries to connect and encourages more interaction and discussions about the past, present, and future.

Mitotec Precision interacts with core schools in the area including Necedah, Mauston, New Lisbon, Tomah, and Pittsville. Some challenges are that we are so remotely located that the tech schools are so far away it’s hard for our schools to utilize them. We are trying to improve our interaction with our local schools to show parents, teachers, and students how manufacturers have changed throughout the years. It is a vibrant and successful world looking forward. Mitotec Precision is a leader in that regard.

TUMMA also partook in many activities. From offering tours and visiting schools, to interacting with teachers, and serving on advising boards, TUMMA has themselves in local education programs.

There is also involvement with scholarship initiatives. TUMMA takes it to the next level in higher education by awarding annual scholarships. Mitotec also has taken that concept further and given scholarships directly and individually. We make all our contributions through the Norman G. Munson Foundation.

TUMMA’s mission statement quotes to build a strong manufacturing workforce of the future by uniting manufacturers, educators, and students. Mitotec Precision is proud to be a part of the alliance.

To learn more, please visit https://www.tumma.org/

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